Guiding Principles

Work with professionals who share your values.

Our Core Values

At Exit Strategies, these values govern all of our decisions, interactions and engagements:

  • Integrity — We’ll give you the expert and objective analysis you need to make good decisions. And you can count on us to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards, deliver on our promises, and put your interests before our own.
  • Excellence — Consistently delivering top results in our field requires technical knowledge, attention to detail, effective processes and teamwork, and a passion for innovation. For M&A work, add to that dogged advocacy for clients.
  • Commitment — Exit Strategies commits more time and resources to fewer clients. Our advisors commit to professional development and keeping a finger on the pulse of market and industry trends.
  • Value — Ask around and you’ll find that Exit Strategies provides more and better service for the same or lower fees than most of our competitors. We try hard to under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Win-Win — We strive to complete transactions that delight seller clients, satisfy buyer needs, and stand the test of time.

Whether you’re looking for help to sell or acquire a business, or to get a business valuation, now more than ever you need professionals who share your values. If our values align with yours, let’s talk!


Exit Strategies’ people consider the impact of their work on their communities and future generations. Collectively we contribute hundreds of volunteer hours annually. We apply the waste hierarchy principle of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle every day:

  • We reduce waste, energy consumption and carbon emissions by using online meeting, communications and storage technology every day.
  • We reduce redundant facilities by making our meeting space available to other professionals, businesses and non-profits.
  • We reused a dilapidated Victorian on a busy commercial street by restoring and converting it to offices using green materials and energy-efficient devices. In the process we  helped preserve a community’s architectural heritage.
  • We recycle nearly 100% of our office waste and compost green waste

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