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For Historic Mountain Lodge, It’s Not the End of the Rainbow

The historic Rainbow Lodge in Soda Springs, California, which was in receivership and non-operational for almost a year, has been acquired. This 33-room lodge on the Sierra’s western slope near Hwy 80 was originally built as a stagecoach stop in the 1800’s. In the 1990’s, the owner of the nearby Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort bought it with […]

What Sells Businesses? Quality Information.

I recently took on an acquisition client to help them locate and purchase a business here in Northern California.  Over several months we looked at a dozen or so businesses offered by business brokers.  What an eye-opener it was seeing how other brokers present information to prospective buyers! I certainly knew that prior to signing […]

Reducing Cost of Capital in a Small Business Acquisition

Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed loans are widely recognized as one of the only reliable sources of third-party funding for small privately-held business acquisitions (up to $5 million), but do you know how this benefits the borrower’s cost of capital? Very few small business transactions are completed in which the buyer pays all cash. This […]

Independent Valuation Litigation Support

This week I was asked to value a medical practice, relating to a dispute between shareholders. Before I head off to my secret fishing spot for the weekend, I want to share these thoughts about how independent valuation experts assist in the litigation or dispute resolution process. Business valuation and transaction professionals are frequently engaged as […]

Business Valuation Rules of Thumb

A valuation “Rule of Thumb” is a mathematical relationship between price and one or more variables, based on experience, observation, hearsay, or a combination of these, applicable to businesses within a specific industry. The Business Reference Guide published by Business Brokerage Press is a common resource for people involved in valuing, buying or selling privately held […]