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Event: Helping Business Owner Clients Achieve More Valuable Exits

When: September 22, 2015 Where: San Rafael, California Host: CalCPA San Francisco-Marin Discussion Group As baby boomer owners and shareholders of privately-held businesses reach retirement age and get serious about exiting ownership, they face many new questions and challenges and turn to their professional advisors, often their CPA, for solutions. Based on his experience helping over 100 companies successfully sell or transfer ownership to partners, management or the next generation, Exit Strategies’ founder Al Statz will …

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Simple Way to Avoid Stale Thinking and it’s Ugly Cousin Group-Think

As a professional advisors we all have habits, standards, rules and regulations that direct much of our daily activities. It’s important that we constantly reexamine our preconceptions, processes and practices to avoid stale thinking. It’s easy to default to accepted dogma that might be hindering our work. This isn’t to say everyone needs to be on the absolute leading or bleeding edge of their profession. However, periodically challenging our thinking and methods helps stimulate us …

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What is a Recapitalization Exit Strategy?

One of the exit strategies available to company owners is called a recapitalization, or “recap”. In a recapitalization, an investor (usually a private equity group or “PEG”) purchases an equity interest in your company using a combination of cash and debt financing. They expect to grow the company and earn an attractive return on their cash investment when they sell the company at a higher price in 3-7 years. Most often, the PEG acquires a …

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How Well Do You Know Your Exit Options?

You have built a business that provides a strong income and comfortable lifestyle. However, if you are like most business owners you haven’t made the time to know the range of options you have to successfully exit the business and transfer your wealth. The tax, legal, valuation, deal structure, and insurance considerations are many. Even if you had the time, where do you begin? Before you can evaluate any of these options, you must first …

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Vaguely Right or Precisely Wrong about Cash Flow

Warren Buffet once quoted the economist John Maynard Keynes, “I would rather be vaguely right, than precisely wrong,” in describing how he determines the appropriate cash flow measure of a company. Indeed, determining the value of a business is not a precise exercise.  However, neither is the process random guesswork. After assessing the facts and circumstances of the business, the appraiser’s goal is to find a value that represents what hypothetical or actual market participants …

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Business Valuation: Step one in the sale process.

If you are considering selling your business, I would like to let you in on an M&A (merger and acquisition) professional’s insight. I have been involved in initiating and managing M&A transactions for over 15 years and have handled deals representing over $250 million in transaction value. Those transactions ranged from $2.6 mm to $90 mm. In addition, I was on a team that helped an international client acquire a $2.6 billion industry rival back in …

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Valuation: Theory, Practice and Reality

I attended a luncheon last week where a private equity firm’s panelist claimed that business valuation is too theoretical and inappropriate in the transactional world.  I instinctively question broad-based statements like this, when I hear them; however I listened attentively. The panelist correctly asserted that most valuation firms focus on compliance and litigation work as opposed to transactions. However, his criticism of valuation work was illogical and inconsistent, and offered no better alternative. To make …

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How to Sell Your Business for More Than Fair Market Value

If you are selling your business and you want the highest possible price, here is one way to get a premium over its Fair Market Value. First, consider that the value or price an owner can expect to receive for their business is generally a function of: 1) free cash flow generated, 2) growth expectations, and 3) the risk involved in receiving the cash flows. These factors combine to determine the value for the business entity. Expressed …

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The Dismal D’s of Buy-Sell Agreements

Well-written Buy-Sell Agreements enable orderly share transfers upon the occurrence of certain events during the life of a business. They also prevent litigation that can quickly create a lose-lose situation for business owners. This article presents a list of 27 trigger events and common issues addressed in buy-sell agreements. For fun each item on the list begins with “D”. Buy-sell issues are unpleasant to think about; which is why owners often put off addressing them …

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Exit Planning: A New Year’s Resolution

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” – Dennis Waitley This is the time of year when many of us decide that we need to change things or accomplish new things, and we set goals at the beginning of the New Year. Quit smoking; lose weight; make more money? How about taking a look at your business this year and begin to prepare it for your exit, which will ultimately …

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