Do Your Business Emails Convey Professionalism?

Normally we blog about M&A or Business Valuation issues, but this week I want to address email effectiveness, a subject important to all business people considering the tsunami of email messages most of us receive each day (an estimated 121).

I recently read an article from the Harvard Business Review that succinctly focused on important do’s and don’ts regarding business emails, including:

  1. Do keep emails brief, clear and to the point to capture attention and interest
  2. Don’t cc the world – consider the true relevance of your message to each recipient
  3. Do be sure your message shines through and is easily understood
  4. If you are asking for a response, say so upfront

Click here for the full article.

And, of course, Email isn’t always the most appropriate form of communication. Before you fire off that next Email, consider whether a phone call or in person conversation might be more effective!

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