Exit Planning for Manufacturers

We combine our experience as company operators and M&A advisors to help you create value and exit on your terms.

Consulting for Manufacturers

Making your California manufacturing company more valuable and attractive to investors not only creates strategic sale opportunities, but also improves your transfer of ownership to family or management.

Exit Strategies’ California-based team of independent consultants have experience working with branded product and contract manufacturing companies in industries such as food and beverage, electronics, semiconductors, electrical, medical, machining, precision metal forming, custom machine automation, chemicals, coatings, plating, electro-mechanical assemblies, custom cable and wire harness, lighting, wood, plastic and others.

An in-depth manufacturing company Assessment will identify gaps in market value and sale readiness, and constraints on growth such as:

  1. Manufacturing capacity issues
  2. Cash flow and/or access to credit
  3. Business model
  4. Size or competitiveness of your target market
  5. Process and equipment bottlenecks
  6. Customer satisfaction
  7. Product quality
  8. New product development
  9. Supply chain issues
  10. Management talent and engagement

Based on our analysis and with an understanding of your personal goalswe can work with you to identify strategies to significantly enhance value and sale readiness, and bring about the desired changes.

Exit Strategies offers California companies a complimentary face-to-face interview and facility walk-through, where our experts will get an understanding of your exit objectives and your business, and determine along with you whether an exit planning engagement makes sense. After a few hours together we can usually determine whether we can make a difference.

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