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Why Some Testing, Inspection and Certification Companies Sell for More than Others.

Testing, Inspection, Certification (TIC) companies play a crucial role in various industries, from agriculture to manufacturing to construction, by providing services that verify adherence to standards, regulations, and specifications. TIC services are typically nondiscretionary, regulation driven, recession resistant, and predictable, which makes businesses in this sector a priority investment opportunity for private capital and strategic […]

Business Valuation 101 for Testing Laboratories

Testing laboratories operating in the agriculture, food production, environmental, manufacturing and construction industries provide essential and recurring services to their customers. As such they can be attractive to investors looking for steady growth, recession-resistant acquisition opportunities. If you own a testing laboratory and are thinking about an exit, you’ll likely want to know its value. […]

Can you sell a distressed business?

We’ve been getting this question from more business owners over the last few weeks. As with many important questions, the answer is, “it depends”. Financial distress occurs when a firm can’t generate enough profit to meet its immediate or long-term financial obligations. If your business is consistently accumulating debt, has unseasonable and sustained increase to […]