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How a Covenant not to Compete Affects Value in Buy-Sell Agreements

When someone sells a privately-held company, the buyer usually insists that the seller sign a covenant not to compete. In fact, in over 20 years of business sales and acquisitions, I have yet to see a purchase agreement without a covenant-not-to-compete (CNTC) provision. Now let’s say that your Company or its shareholders purchase all of a departing 50% shareholder’s interest for fair market value; is it reasonable to expect that the selling shareholder would not …

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Your Buy-Sell Agreement: Disaster Waiting to Happen? Needs a Tune Up? Or in Good Shape?

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from business owners and their spouses that a key person became disabled or died and left an operating closely-held business in turmoil. What, no Buy-Sell Agreement? Ask anyone who has been selling and appraising business for a number of years and they will tell you this sort of thing is common. All businesses with more than one shareholder should have …

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Buy-Sell Agreement Categories

The three types of Buy-Sell Agreements (BSA) are defined by the relationship between the parties to the agreement, i.e., the individual owners and their business entity. Cross-Purchase Agreements are agreements between and among the owners of a business entity that requires the other owner(s) to purchase the interests of owner who has triggered the BSA. Cross-purchase agreements have common elements, including: Funded by life insurance owned by business owners on the lives of other owners. …

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The Dismal D’s of Buy-Sell Agreements

Well-written Buy-Sell Agreements enable orderly share transfers upon the occurrence of certain events during the life of a business. They also prevent litigation that can quickly create a lose-lose situation for business owners. This article presents a list of 27 trigger events and common issues addressed in buy-sell agreements. For fun each item on the list begins with “D”. Buy-sell issues are unpleasant to think about; which is why owners often put off addressing them …

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Your Buy-Sell Agreement – Keep It Current Before It Costs You Money and Grief!

Buy-Sell agreements (BSA’s) are an essential, and often overlooked, element in allowing shareholders to realize the value of their investment in a privately held company. The BSA’s purpose is to a) provide a market for ownership interests, b) establish the price and terms for these interests, c) specify a buy-sell process that is orderly and reasonable, and d) specify financing should a “trigger” event occur. There are several reasons this contract among owners can fail. …

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Pro’s and Con’s of Price Formulas in Buy-Sell Agreements

Exit Strategies is regularly called upon to determine the value of closely-held company shares for buy-sell transactions. Common events that trigger a transfer of shares are when a shareholder retires or resigns from employment, is fired, dies, or becomes disabled, divorced or insolvent. There are several facets to successful buy-sell transactions, but valuation is typically the most contested issue. The pricing method prescribed in your by-laws, shareholder, buy-sell or stock restriction agreement, as the case may be, …

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