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Creative deal structures and deal terms move to lower middle market

When selling your business, price is not the only important factor you’ll negotiate with a buyer. The deal structure includes a wide range of considerations from transaction type, ownership and payment structures, working capital, assurances, timelines, and more. What we’re seeing in the market right now is a rise in creative deal structures. These are […]

M&A Advisor Tip: Value = Risk vs. Reward

Buyers value your business based on risk (real or perceived) and future cash flow. Consider potential business risks. What could prevent your company from realizing your forecasted earnings? Think talent, customers, suppliers, competition, cash flow. Strategize ways to reduce risk in each area, e.g. cross training, outsourcing, succession planning, customer diversification, backup suppliers, etc. The […]

Exit Strategies Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary

I’m proud to announce that 2022 marks a new milestone for Exit Strategies Group – our 20th year in business! I really appreciate those entrepreneurs and professional advisors who put their faith in us in those early days, and I thank the hundreds who have relied on us since. We have grown slowly and steadily […]

Exit Strategies Group Announces Successful Sale of AAP Automation

(Englewood, CO) Exit Strategies Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that it recently served as exclusive M&A advisor to the shareholders of AAP Automation on their successful sale to Ohio Transmission Corporation (OTC), a portfolio company of Genstar Capital. OTC is one of the largest industrial distributors and service providers in the United States. AAP […]

M&A Advisor Tip: The Case of the Missing Successor

Businesses are facing talent shortages at all levels – at the front lines and in the C-suite. In some industries, like construction, talent issues can complicate exit plans. At some point, there may not be enough leaders left to take over for all the owners who want to exit. Now more than ever, succession planning […]

How 100 minus 90 equals 20

Here’s a story of how 100 – 90 = 20. We recently represented some owners who had lots of options when it came to selling their business. They had a high demand manufacturing operation, and buyers wanted in – offering everything from minority or majority investments to full exit options. At first, the sellers thought […]

M&A Advisor Tip: Make contracts assignable

One key factor that significantly impacts the value of any contract is whether it’s assignable. Don’t put yourself in a position of negotiating assignability at time of sale. It eliminates confidentiality and opens the door for customers to highjack your deal. Knowing your company is for sale—and that the sale is dependent on their contract—shrewd […]

Entrepreneurs really do think of business as their baby

Many business owners say selling their business feels like giving a child up for adoption. As it turns out, that’s not just a metaphor. Research shows entrepreneurs really do think of their business as a kid. Researchers found parallel brain activity between owners thinking about their business and parents thinking about their kids. In either […]