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Market Pulse – Quarter 4, 2021

Seller’s Market Presented by IBBA & M&A Source A seller’s market occurs when demand exceeds supply. There are more interested, active buyers than there are quality deals on the market. In a seller’s market, buyer’s compete in order to win deals. This typically translates to increased values and more favorable deal terms for the seller. […]

Small business values up in 2021

Business values increased in 2021, despite ongoing challenges from the pandemic, talent shortages, and supply chain disruption. Deal activity continued at an intense pace, with advisors across the country reporting increases in both incoming deal flow and completed engagements. More advisors characterized this as a seller’s market than nearly any other time in the last […]

Six Benefits of Monitoring Company Value

Even if your business is not for sale, monitoring its market value can be incredibly helpful. This article describes six ways that understanding value over the life of a closely held business benefits shareholders, directors and managers. 1. Value Report Card Like financial statements, an annual independent business valuation is a type of report card […]

M&A Tip: And the economist says…”Sell!”

Economist Steven Chiavarone presented at CIA partner’s annual State of M&A conference in February. As he pointed out, there have been 11 rate hike cycles since 1970 of three hikes or more. Of those, nine were followed by a recession. (The other two were followed by a stock market crash and the Mexican peso crisis.) […]

The Importance of Valuation in Business Sales

With decades of expert valuation and real-world business transaction experience, Exit Strategies routinely values companies and positions them for successful sales. At a minimum, buyers should be willing to pay the fair market value of a business. The initial and perhaps most important step in selling a business is a thorough, objective, and accurate business […]

M&A Deal Terms: Average Capital Structure

The following chart from GF Data shows the average capital structure over the past 5 years for middle market business acquisitions. Equity contributions have varied only slightly over that time, in the range of 46% to 49%. Overall there was a slight rise during COVID, but nothing major. There are two different stories based on […]

M&A in 2022: Is this the year to sell?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably had a rough couple of years – and the challenges aren’t over. While COVID-19 may be weakening its grip, talent shortages, supply chain issues, and inflation are still very much at play. And yet, the economy is surging. Many of the business owners we talk to have all […]

Tracking your Business Perks

Perks is an abbreviation of perquisite, which means a benefit, incidental payment, or advantage over and above regular income, salary, or wages. Business owners take any number of perks from their business, from the standards like auto expenses, memberships, and insurance plans to extras like entertainment, vacations, or an additional family member on the books. […]

M&A Advisor Tip: Avoid key-man risk

Business owners should ask themselves, if I became incapacitated, could my business run without me? If the answer is no, buyers will be concerned about the business’s ability to operate when you’re gone. If you can’t get away for at least a week of vacation at a time… if you hold key customer relationships… if […]