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Exit Planning Process

Leaving behind your life's work and maximizing the value of your largest asset deserves a strategy.

Exit Planning Process

“To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult” — Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

Exit Strategies offers California business owners a complimentary in-person consultation and facility walk-through. You’ll get to know us and our capabilities, and we’ll get an understanding of your business and your priorities, and together we can decide if an exit planning project makes sense. We will recommend the appropriate scope of analysis during our initial meeting. Solutions are sometimes obvious and we can move straight to planning and implementation. More often, exit planning is a three-phase process.


We start with an objective and reasonably thorough Assessment of your company from a buyer/investor perspective. We add to the analysis that typically goes into a business valuation, uncovering conditions that may be limiting sale readiness, marketability or transferability. We also identify likely buyer types, deal structures and financing options.

With the Assessment in hand, we will coordinate with other professionals to minimize taxes, understand your liquidity and income needs post-exit, and efficiently transfer wealth. If you don’t already have these relationships we can make introductions.


The Assessment lays the foundation for selecting your preferred exit option and making strategic business decisions. In this phase we help you quantify and weigh strategic alternatives to close gaps in value, sale readiness, marketability or transferability. Business growth, increasing profit margins and reducing investor risk are common themes. A concise Exit Roadmap documents a course of action to close these gaps within your time frame.

When your end-game is a third-party sale, the Exit Roadmap prepares your business for the M&A sale process.


You and your team can implement the Exit Roadmap yourselves, or keep us involved.

Ways can help with implementation:

  1. Regular coaching sessions to maintain momentum
  2. Introduce other service providers (HR, marketing, lenders, etc.)
  3. Update Assessment value calculations to monitor progress
  4. Review and modify the Exit Roadmap as conditions change
  5. Make strategic acquisitions. We provide full-service buy-side representation, from identifying target companies that fit your criteria to closing the transaction, to advising on integration.
  6. If growth capital is needed, we can introduce private equity partners and help you recapitalize.

Exceptional ROI

Exit planning usually provides an exceptional return on investment, and should be one of the easier investment decisions you’ll make. Of course, you have to be proactive and willing to make changes. The earlier we get involved, the more impact we can have.

Your Next Step

To learn how Exit Strategies can help you exit your business on your terms and time frame, contact us today.

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