Exit Planning Process

Leaving behind your life's work and maximizing the value of your largest asset deserves a strategy.

Exit Planning Process

“To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult” — Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

Exit Strategies offers California business owners a complimentary face-to-face consultation and facility walk-through. We’ll get an understanding of your business and your priorities, you’ll get to know us and our capabilities, and together we will decide if an exit planning project makes sense.  Exit planning is generally a three-phase process.


In most cases, our advisors conduct a reasonably thorough examination of your company from an investor perspective, before making strategy recommendations.

  1. Review company operations, history, markets, customers, suppliers, competition, management, business plans, systems, agreements and asset protection
  2. In some cases, e.g. manufacturing companies, a deep dive analysis of business operations
  3. Identify company strengths and weaknesses, key value drivers, risk factors and strategic assets
  4. In-depth financial analysis and comparison to industry peers
  5. Normalize financial statements from an investor perspective
  6. Develop a financial forecast
  7. Apply advanced market-, income- and asset-based valuation methods
  8. Apply appropriate premiums or discounts, and tests for reasonableness
  9. Identify likely buyer, deal structure and financing options
  10. Identify any marketability and transferability obstacles

We will recommend the appropriate level of analysis during our initial meeting with you. Sometimes solutions are obvious and we can move straight to planning and implementation. We may recommend that you take a free Self-Assessment before our initial meeting.


This phase starts with reviewing the Assessment and selecting or confirming your preferred Exit Option. Our experts work with you (and your management team when appropriate) to formulate business plans to close valuation, marketability and transferability gaps within your desired time-frame. A value gap often exists and the Strategic Roadmap focuses on growing the business, improving profit margins and asset efficiency, and reducing business risk, all with a defined purpose, your successful exit.

In addition to setting financial and operational objectives, your Strategic Roadmap will identify specific strategies and projects with clear action steps and measurable goals. When your end-game is a third-party sale, the Strategic Roadmap prepares the business and you for the M&A sale process.


You and your team can run with the Strategic Roadmap implementation yourselves, or we can support you on an ongoing consulting basis. We can help with implementation, or at a minimum, help you maintain momentum by reviewing your progress and holding you accountable. We can coach on various aspects of implementation, such as helping you put key people and appropriate incentive plans in place.We can serve on your advisory board. When appropriate, we can introduce consulting specialists to implement specific strategies. We can introduce and coordinate with legal, tax, estate planning and financial professionals as needed. We can update the Assessment to measure progress toward your valuation goals.  We can help you modify plans as conditions change. We’ll make recommendations based on your Strategic Roadmap to help you choose the type and level of support you need.

If making acquisitions is one of your growth strategies, our M&A advisors will be able to help you identify targets and complete transactions. We can also advise on integrating the acquisition. If bringing on a private equity partner is part of your Strategic Roadmap, we can introduce you to several candidates and help you complete a recapitalization transaction.

Exceptional ROI

Exit planning should provide an exceptional return on your investment, and should be one of the easier investment decisions you’ll make. Of course, you have to be willing to change and open to transforming your company. The earlier we get involved with you and your company, the more impact we can have on your exit.

Your Next Step

To learn how Exit Strategies can help you exit your business on your terms and timeframe in the next two to five years, contact us today.