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Buy-Side Services

Outsourced M&A services to companies and buy-side advisor to investors

Buy-Side Services

Strategic Acquisition Advisory

The right acquisition can increase growth and enterprise value by adding customers, products or services, entering new markets, vertically integrating, or by obtaining technology or talent, to name a few. And most companies don’t need a full time corporate development staff. To address this need, Exit Strategies provides strategic business acquisition services on a project basis.

We guide clients through the entire acquisition process …

Phase I:  Planning

  • We’ll work with you to develop your acquisition criteria, understand your available capital and prearrange funding sources. We conduct research to develop a list of target companies that fit your criteria. Searches can be local, regional, national or international in scope.

Phase II:  Deal Sourcing

  • We contact each target’s decision maker. We begin exploratory discussions, present your capabilities and gauge their interest level. This phase produces multiple acquisition opportunities.

Phase III:  Discovery, Analysis & Negotiations

  • We make introductions, facilitate acquisition discussions, and gather financial and other information on the target. We can develop and present valuation models. We negotiate price and terms in a letter of intent.

Phase IV:  Due diligence, transaction closing, integration

  • We facilitate due diligence, work with attorneys on agreement preparation and closing phases, coordinate the work of others, and keep the deal on track to a successful closing. We can also advise on integration.

Our goal is acquisitions that meet our clients’ investment goals and stand the test of time.

Platform Acquisition Search

Exit Strategies conducts acquisition searches on behalf of qualified buyers to acquire stand-alone platform companies. We work with:

  • Private equity groups (PEGs)
  • Family offices
  • Private and public companies
  • Corporate executives seeking business ownership

Acquiring a Business for Sale Offered by Exit Strategies

Experienced buyers recognize the value that an experienced, ethical and professional intermediary (or M&A advisor or business broker) brings to a deal; even when that intermediary represents the seller! We help you by analyzing and presenting relevant business information and bringing transparency to the process, facilitating the process, anticipating problems, and being an unemotional conduit between you and the seller. When you purchase a business for sale that Exit Strategies offers, here is how you benefit:

  1. A Process – Based on years of M&A brokerage experience, we offer you an effective and transparent process for buying the business, and you will understand what that process is.
  2. Screening – We review your needs, background and funding options. We make our own assessment of fit and confirm both parties’ commitment to moving ahead in the process. When we don’t think a business for sale is right for you we’ll tell you. With years of M&A experience to guide us, we can save you lots of time.
  3. Confidentiality – Maintaining confidentiality in acquisitions is in your best interest as a prospective new owner. Our process is designed to protect sensitive information.
  4. Discovery – You’ll receive a detailed Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) (aka deal book) from us that lays out important facts and figures of the business. The CIM analyzes a company’s financial statements and covers its history, customers and markets, competition, operations, personnel, facilities, key contract summaries, fixed assets, intangible assets, strategic relationships, identifiable opportunities, industry, and more. We want you to be able to make a fast and final decision; and we therefore strive for accuracy, transparency and balance in the information presented.
  5. Productive Meetings – After you absorb the CIM and we answer questions and confirm fit, we can facilitate a productive site visit and owner meeting.
  6. Negotiations – We facilitate effective negotiations to reach agreement on important deal terms. We can assist with a letter of intent or offer to purchase with appropriate contingencies.
  7. Due Diligence – In-depth due diligence investigations begin after a letter of intent or contingent purchase agreement is reached. We organize, schedule and facilitate; which saves you time and accelerates the process.
  8. Financing – When required, we liaise with (and often recommend) debt and equity capital sources. Our knowledge of what these parties need, and what they can and can’t do, increases your chance of success and saves you time.
  9. Project Management – We work closely with attorneys, accountants and other specialists throughout the acquisition process. We can refer you to professionals when needed. We attend to numerous details and quarterback activities to keep the process moving to a successful closing.
Bottom line — a professional sell-side M&A advisor (or business broker, intermediary or investment banker) saves buyers time, effort and money, and increases the likelihood of reaching the closing table.

Other Services for Buyers

Independent Business Valuation

  • Situation:  You want to acquire a business for sale directly from an owner or through another broker, but don’t know if the price is reasonable. An independent business valuation will either validate your purchase price, give you a new basis for negotiations, or save you from making a big mistake.

Deal-Making Intermediary

  • Situation:  You have an interested seller, but need help negotiating and structuring the deal, and managing the process. Exit Strategies can negotiate on your behalf and help preserve your relationship with the seller. You instantly add years of deal-making experience to your team. We do not provide legal or tax advice.

Post-Acquisition Integration

  • Situation:  You want to maximize your return on investment by avoiding post-acquisition integration mistakes and realizing the synergistic benefits that you envisioned going in. Having done many mergers and acquisitions, both as principals and intermediaries, we can help you plan the integration and coach you through the critical first 3-6 months after closing.

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