When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?


I don’t recall the last time I recommended a book, but today I feel compelled to tell business owners about an excellent new book titled, “When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?”

This book not only helps you decide when to sell your business, but will also help you understand its value from the perspective of willing buyers, increase its value and marketability, and choose and plan your best exit option. If you are a private business owner; following the recommendations in this book will help you sell for more money, on your terms and time-frame, without regrets.

Expect a great return on the time you’ll invest in reading this book. Mr. Mowrey presents a sensible and proven approach to selling a business. It’s a quick read that covers a lot of important ground at just the right depth for busy business owners, and it’s one that I suspect you’ll take notes in and refer back to as you approach your exit. Mr. Mowrey pours a tremendous amount of valuable insights and sound recommendations into 188 pages. I can’t say that for most of the books on this subject authored by other so-called experts.

CPA’s, transaction attorneys, wealth managers, M&A intermediaries and business appraisers would also do well to read this one.

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Full Disclosure — Not only is Rich Mowrey a four-time business owner and seasoned valuation expert and transaction intermediary, he’s also a colleague of ours who we met through our national business valuation and M&A trade associations.

The process outlined in Rich’s book closely mirrors what Exit Strategies does for our clients. Feel free to contact one of our California-based advisors with any business valuation or M&A brokerage questions or needs.