Don’t be a Victim of Seller’s Remorse

More business owners than you’d think second-guess themselves within a year of selling the business.  In my experience as an M&A advisor and business valuation expert, the main reason for the failure of business exits is the seller’s lack of planning on how and when to exit.  Too many owners never plan and simply wait until something happens that essentially forces them to sell, such as health issues, marital stresses, poor business conditions, or when “burnout” becomes unbearable. This is usually the worst time to sell — and the results are usually disappointing.
If you are approaching retirement, start proactively planning for it well ahead of time (3-5 years) while things are going well and while you have time to make and reap the benefits of course corrections.  Have the business professionally valued when you start to plan.  This will give you a sound basis for knowing what your business is worth, and understanding its strengths and weaknesses from strategic and financial investor perspectives.  If the value of the company is equal to or greater than you need or want, you can take steps to keep it that way and protect against contingencies.  If the value is less than you need or want, you have time to construct and implement a plan to increase value and reduce investor risk.
Your plan can then ensure that you exit on your time frame, maximize value regardless of the situation, minimize taxes, and reach your personal goals.
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