M&A Advisor Tip: How you know when it is time to sell

It may be time time to sell your business when …

  1. Revenue has plateaued and you no longer see how to grow the business.
  2. You’re not sure how to reach the next level on your own.
  3. Your industry is consolidating around you.
  4. The current probable selling price of your business will satisfy your personal financial goals and a major economic or political shift could erode value.
  5. You’d like to diversify your assets and are ready take some chips off the table.
  6. Your interest and passion for the business are waning.
  7. You prefer to do something different with your money and/or time.

With smart preparation, you can ensure that your business is ready to sell when you are. It’s time to start the conversation.

For advice on exit planning or selling a business, contact Al Statz in Exit Strategies Group’s Sonoma County California office at 707-781-8580 or alstatz@exitstrategiesgroup.com.  Exit Strategies Group is a partner in the Cornerstone International Alliance.