Why Exit Strategies

Why Exit Strategies Group?

Because you only get one chance to do this right.

Selling your business represents the culmination of years of hard work and investment, and may be the most important financial transaction of your life. Exit Strategies Group will help you get this right the first time.

We help seller clients produce better outcomes with …

  1. A seasoned team of dedicated M&A professionals
  2. A proprietary and proven sale process
  3. Absolute honesty, transparency and professionalism
  4. Unequaled business valuation expertise, producing better decisions and credibility with buyers
  5. Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that tells your story and highlights your strategic assets
  6. Access to acquisition debt providers and equity partners
  7. Research capabilities, to identify the very best strategic and financial buyers
  8. Global buyer outreach and marketing
  9. A database of over 4,000 private equity investors
  10. An effective system to screen buyers and maintain confidentiality
  11. Ability to run an auction process that generates competing bids
  12. Years of negotiation and deal-making experience
  13. Objectivity, to help you make sound decisions
  14. Negotiation buffer, to preserve your relationship with the buyer
  15. Facilitation of the due diligence process
  16. Access to capable transaction professionals (legal, tax, etc.) and specialists needed
  17. Leadership of the transaction team
  18. Liaising with third party stakeholders as needed
  19. Maintaining momentum to avoid deal fatigue and keep time from killing your deal
  20. Correct balance of large-firm resources and small-firm senior-level attention
  21. Cornerstone International Alliance support
  22. More time and resources dedicated to each engagement
  23. Free you to focus on business performance
  24. Transition planning advice, from first-hand M&A integration experience

Exit Strategies Group is not out to sell the most businesses, but we are out to complete business transfers that delight our clients and stand the test of time.

Contact one of our senior M&A advisors to discuss your goals, confidentially.

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