“Al proved to be a driving force. There is no possible way we could have achieved the same result without his effective sense of urgency and his diligence.” – S. Ferguson

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Exit Strategies sells $1-30 million revenue closely-held businesses in California. If you are looking for an M&A Advisor, Business Broker, Investment Banker, Intermediary or Deal Maker to sell your business and maximize proceeds, you have come to the right place. Our seasoned team, proven M&A process and unequaled dedication to clients combine to produce the highest success rates in our industry. 

We appraise businesses for owners, shareholders, attorneys, CPA's, fiduciaries and others who need accurate, defensible valuations. We value fractional interests in operating businesses and holding companies using appropriate discounts. Our certified business appraisers deliver great service and reliable results.  

We work on important financial transactions in our clients' lives and treat every project accordingly.  Please contact our San Francisco Bay Area or Sacramento Valley office for an objective, confidential assessment of your goals and circumstances, and how Exit Strategies can assist you.

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