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Valuing Personal Goodwill

What is personal goodwill? Before starting our discussion about personal goodwill, it is necessary to establish a common ground to understand the concept. First, it is an identifiable intangible asset that will generate future economic benefits to the asset owner. While there is no standard definition. Adam Mason and David Wood searched various textbooks, articles, […]

Secure Your Final Exit

A significant concern for the seller of a business who retains a minority position after a sale, is how to sell the remaining shares if things do not work out as expected. This type of sale is commonly referred to as a majority recapitalization. There are many ways things can go wrong. But since the […]

Valuation of Intangible Assets

As a follow-up to our posts “Profit from Intangible Assets in a Business Sale” and “Understanding the Value of Intangible Assets”, this post offers answers to the question, “How do you value intangible assets?” In one of these posts, we looked at a simple example for valuing the Bayer tradename associated with its sale of […]