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Goodwill Part II: Goodwill vs. Goodwill Value

All businesses have goodwill; however, not all businesses have goodwill value! Goodwill, which is usually the largest portion of the purchase price of a business, is the sum of intangibles such as having a good location and trade dress, a negotiated lease in place, trained employees, a website, customers, etc. Not all businesses have goodwill value, which is measured by the amount of earnings the business produces adjusted for the risk of earnings continuing to …

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Goodwill Part I: Personal versus Enterprise Goodwill

Goodwill can exist in two different forms: Personal Goodwill, which is defined as an intangible asset that is attached to a person; and enterprise Goodwill, also an intangible asset that is attached to the business enterprise. If goodwill is attached to an individual, it is non-severable since the person to which it is attached is not being sold. This also implies that the asset is non-transferrable. Of course brokers often make contractual arrangements between the …

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Independent Valuation Litigation Support

This week I was asked to value a medical practice, relating to a dispute between shareholders. Before I head off to my secret fishing spot for the weekend, I want to share these thoughts about how independent valuation experts assist in the litigation or dispute resolution process. Business valuation and transaction professionals are frequently engaged as independent financial experts for purposes of assisting in dispute resolution, litigation, or potential litigation. Litigation support services include any professional …

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Expiration of $5.12 Million Gift Tax Exemption Presents Unique Gifting Opportunity

As a result of the tax cuts enacted under former President George W. Bush and extended under President Barack Obama, the estate and gift tax currently is set at a maximum rate of 35% with a $5.12 million exemption amount.  But unless Congress takes action, the maximum estate and gift tax rate will revert to 55% and the exemption amount to $1 million, effective January 1, 2013. It is uncertain what, if anything, Congress will …

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Business Valuation Rules of Thumb

A valuation “Rule of Thumb” is a mathematical relationship between price and one or more variables, based on experience, observation, hearsay, or a combination of these, applicable to businesses within a specific industry. The Business Reference Guide published by Business Brokerage Press is a common resource for people involved in valuing, buying or selling privately held businesses. The guide contains rule-of-thumb and pricing tips on hundreds of types of small businesses. Below are a few of …

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Valuations for SBA Business Acquisition Loans

Determining the value of a business is a key aspect of an SBA lender’s underwriting process for loan applications involving a business acquisition (change of ownership). According to SBA Standard Oprating Procedure 50-10-5(c), paragragh (i), page 179, for all business acquisition loans over $350,000, or whenever a buyer and seller have a close relationship, the lender must obtain an independent business valuation from a qualified source.  Examples of “close relationships” include transactions between: Employer-Employee; Family members; Co-Owners; and …

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Exit Strategies Joins National Business Valuation Group

Exit Strategies has joined forces with National Business Valuation Group, LLC, a consortium of independent business valuation and litigation support firms that have affiliated in order to provide clients with highest quality  professional expertise.  The relationship between offices allows each firm to provide its clients with technical, database, industry, geographic and consulting expertise that would not be available from typical business valuation firms.  Offices regularly communicate with each other regarding specific cases and valuation issues …

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Does Size Matter in Business Valuation?

As a business broker I hear lots of interesting comments and questions about the value of businesses. Recently a business owner said to me, “Peet’s Coffee, (Nasdaq:PEET) trades for 20 times earnings, so should I be able to sell my Mike’s Coffee Company for that?” It’s a great question. Besides brand recognition and the liquidity of public vs. private company shares, size is the obvious difference between Peet’s and Mike’s. So how much does the …

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