M&A Advisor Tip: COVID-19 Era Due Diligence, Part 3

M&A buyers are still active in the midst of this uncertain business environment. However, they are mindful of added risks caused by COVID-19.

These are some contract-related questions that are likely to come up in future due diligence in light of COVID-19:

  1. Did the business default on any third-party agreements?
  2. What are the termination rights on key contracts?
  3. Are counterparties adhering to their contract obligationss?
  4. Were terms modified or waived in a way that would impact future enforcement, force majeure, or other provisions that would enable termination or suspension of an agreement?
  5. What ongoing challenges and risks will the business face due to non-performance?

Business owners should review their current practices now, so they’re prepared to address buyer concerns.

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