Why Your Business Needs Google Reviews

For many businesses today, online reviews are a differentiator. In the past, people asked for references to vet a product or service. Today, they are more likely to conduct their own research and read online reviews. Google reviews can give businesses a credibility boost, for free. Let’s look at some of the key benefits.

Increased Credibility & Trust

According to statistics, approximately 91% of consumers read reviews to determine credibility of a local business, and 84% say that positive reviews help them gain trust. Without the reviews, that initial level of trust would not have been established. Needless to say, people trust Google. Third party reviews have more credibility and higher value than testimonials posted on a company’s own website.

Improved Business Conversions

Once a potential customer gains trust in your company through Google reviews, it is more likely that an inquiry will convert to an actual customer.

Customer Feedback Loop

Customer reviews Google educate your future customers and serve as a feedback loop for you when things need improvement.

Increased Online Reputation & Visibility

The power of online marketing methods that you might be using to promote your business will be amplified, as 5-star reviews attract online users and increase traffic to your website.

Be aware that clients will review your company whether you want them to or not. If you fail to set up Google reviews, you’re missing the opportunity to gain a level of control and visibility.

How to Set Up Google Reviews

  1. Create a Google My Business account. – Visit https://business.google.com. Complete the setup process by filling in email, phone number, business details, etc.
  2. Ask clients to review your services. – Start sharing your Google My Business URL with clients, and ask them to post a review about your company. When asking clients for reviews, you can mention that their review will help everybody else make an informed decision when they are looking for help. It is important to ask for reviews within a few days of completing a sale. As time goes by, clients become less motivated to post reviews.
  3. Remind clients. – Everybody is busy. Your client might forget to write a review. You may have to politely remind them and ask if they need any help posting the review.

Through the above process, you can begin generating online reviews for your business. Of course, it goes without saying that you can only guarantee good reviews when you are delivering top-notch products or services and excellent customer service.

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